Frequently Asked Questions

What is Lunch Rocks? – Lunch Rocks is a dance party during lunch time - in the middle of the day, lasts 90 minutes and in the middle of Manhattan. We provide lunch, drinks, and an awesome spinning DJ that will get you on your feet. You provide the moves.

No time for lunch? You can stay for as little as 5 minutes or for the entire duration of the event, we leave that decision to you. 

Who can attend Lunch Rocks? – Everyone can attend Lunch Rocks, including but not limited to office workers, bankers, consultants, store employees, circus directors, zoologists, doctors, celebrities, professional athletes, unprofessional athletes, chefs, models, accountants, bread factory workers, software engineers, etc. Didn’t find your profession or don’t have a profession? You can still attend. You just need to dance and have shoes. But please, don't invite your skeevy co-worker, Lurch. We want to keep the vibe cool and ultra fun.  

Am I allowed to meet strangers? – Yes! While your mom says no, we say yes. As a Lunch Rocker, it is your duty to meet other fellow Lunch Rockers and build new friendships. So shimmy on over and dance off that dull morning meeting.

Will there be drinks? – Yes! If you eat, you shall drink. Why be a parched dancer? We offer complimentary chilled water, but if you need a little zinger to get you moving, there will be a cash bar with happy hour to quench your thirsty bon-bons.

Will there be food? – YES! Lunch is INCLUDED! We are offering delectable, handle-able, non-messy, goof-proof lunches. 

Am I allowed to bring my co-workers? – Absolutely, but see "Who can attend Lunch Rocks?"  We believe in the building of great group dancing dynamics at Lunch Rocks.   

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