About Lunch Rocks

Lunch Rocks is unlike any lunch meeting you have ever had in your life. It is a dance party in the middle of the day, in the middle of the city.

Lunch Rocks is your mid-day energy drink without the trip to the coffee machine. Lunch Rocks gives you the opportunity to forget work for a while and just dance. Whether it’s the banker from the office on the 33rd floor or the sales girl at the clothing store across the street, we’re all here to let go, grab a quick bite to eat, and – most importantly – dance!

You made a great sale in the morning and want to celebrate with your colleagues? Rock out with us during lunch! You’re anxious about the client meeting in the afternoon and need a distraction? You need a lunch hour that rocks! You have been staring at a screen since 9am? Come dance with us!

Once you walk into Lunch Rocks, you become a Lunch Rocker. And you know what that means, right? No?!? Well, as a Lunch Rocker, you are part of a culture that does not judge. We’re all here to grab a bite to eat and just dance and rock out.

Remember when your mom told you not to talk to strangers? She was wrong! It is the duty of every Lunch Rocker to meet at least one fellow Lunch Rocker that you did not know before. Over time, Lunch Rockers will merge, creating a true sense of community. Maybe you will even find a new best friend, the love of your life, or just to find a spot on the dance floor to do your famed running man?

Worried that you won’t get anything to eat, by attending Lunch Rocks? Don’t you worry! There will be food and drinks available for you. Hey, you’re still going out for lunch, the difference is that you’ll be dancing too. Nobody has to starve, unless you want to, but we think you look great already.

You’ll leave Lunch Rocks as a happier person. And if your boss is reading this, tell him that happier people are more productive. Rock on!

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